Green Children’s Centres

Flyers and leaflets can be useful when advertising your latest workshop or trying to drum up interest in your play sessions. Bits of paper do tend to get lost though, and there is a huge amount of environmental waste (not to mention money!) in printing and handing out these bits of marketing.

Why not spare a few trees next time you need to market events at your Centre, and try a text campaign? See for yourself how they compare. Money-wise it’s a no-brainer.

At just 5p per message it is far cheaper to text than it is to design, print and hand out flyers. But what about the impact? Short of finding your desired target group, going directly to their houses, sitting on their sofa and selling the session yourself, you can’t get much more direct and personal than a text message. They’re opened straight away and kept in that person’s bag and pocket all the time – can you say the same about your flyer?

You can be really direct with the people you are trying to help, those who would really benefit from your back-to-work workshop, for example, or maybe a young parent drop-in play session. Don’t wait for them to come to you, go to them – and be more Green at the same time.

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