Give each of your pupils’ parents the type (and amount) of news they want

Some nursery units and nursery schools provide parents with a continuous stream of information about the work the children are doing each day.

Others take the view that parents know what goes on in the school, and if they want to know more they only have to ask.

So it is an interesting question to pose: which approach is best?

Of course some parents don’t seek and seemingly don’t want information.  They are happy to hand their child over and leave what happens to the professional judgement of the staff within the nursery.

But there are many others who actually do welcome news on what is really going on.  Their children may not yet have reached the stage where their standard answer to “what did you do at school today?” is “nothing”, but nevertheless their answers to parents can be somewhat incomplete, if not downright misleading.

In order to give those parents who do want information the updates they require, without annoying those parents who don’t want the news, a selective system is required.

Fortunately such a system is available – and what’s more it allows you not only to report to parents who want news, while excluding those who don’t, but you can also praise individual achievements as well as giving details of the range of activities undertaken that week by a particular class.

The way in which such an information service operates is via text messaging on to mobile phones.  You type the message on your computer and send it out to the parents that you select – be it to the parent of one child, all the parents with children in one group, or indeed the whole nursery.

Those who don’t want to receive the detailed information can be marked as such, and they will only receive urgent information about school closures, etc.

As a result everyone gets exactly the type of news and the volume of news they want.