Nursery PR and 3 year olds

Parents always want to know how their child did at school – but never more so than during the time at nursery school simply because this is the first time that the child has been away from home.

But this is also the time when, even if the child tells its parents what happened at school, that account is likely to be highly unreliable. A small incident can become magnified in a child’s mind. An accidental push can be transmuted into being hit, and a perfectly good day at nursery can thus be reported as something far less educational.

Which is why many nursery schools have now adopted the idea of sending out regular reports to parents – for none of us really wants to leave our PR to the imagination of a three year old.

Of course, you will already be sending information about nursery events to your parents, and you’ll also be sending out notes on educational progress in which you tell all the parents what the group did.

But it is now possible to go much further, praising individual achievements (such as a real breakthrough in reading or some excellent co-operative play), and giving details of the range of activities undertaken that week.

What happens when such a news service is put out on a regular basis is that not only are parents reassured, but they also quickly spread the word to their friends (who may use other nurseries) that at their child’s nursery they get regular and often indivualised reports on progress and issues. To use the modern phrase, such an approach becomes a piece of viral marketing.

The way in which such an information service operates is via text messaging on to mobile phones. You type the message on your computer and send it out to the parents that you select – be it to the parent of one child, all the parents with children in one group, or indeed the whole nursery.