Make someone’s day

With an elongated leg here and an eye-bag removal there, images of people (famous or not) in magazines are becoming more and more ridiculous. Maybe more ridiculous, or maybe I am just becoming older and more cynical…

The announcement that the government is backing a pack for parents on how to educate their children on how the media alter images, shows how serious the problem has become. Believing that these images are normal can be crushing for some children. Kids need confidence and praise to learn and develop and anyone who has been on the receiving end of such praise knows what a boost it is.

As one of our schools puts it “My students love to leave school knowing that, by the time they reach home, their parents will have received a positive message about them”.

A text to a parent highlighting a personal achievement that their child has attained can have a massive impact on that child’s self-esteem and motivation to continue. The best thing is, it only takes a few minutes. So whether it’s a great test result or just kind behaviour take the time to make someone’s day.