Text messaging for nurseries

In collaboration with Hamilton House Mailings, TextMine is now branching out from SMS for schools to SMS for nurseries. Leaving a baby, toddler or pre-school child at nursery can be really daunting for parents and we think nurseries will find our online text messages really useful in keeping parents informed. Sending a quick and personal message to a parent about their child’s achievements during the day really sends the right message that a nursery cares for their child. When my toddler went to a childminder (quite a few years ago now!), I really appreciated receiving updates during the anxious settling-in period. A friend of mine recently relayed a tale of a forgotten dress-up day. Newborn baby in tow, sleep deprived and rushing to nursery with twins, a quick group text reminder about the fancy dress would have saved the day. The nursery really should have sent a text online with TextMine!